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Towards a Sustainable Society

Through our professional experiences and technical skills of environmental and energy-saving solutions,

we support the efforts of clients.


Dyna Air Co.

Moist Processor

The Moist Processor by Dyna Air is an excellent liquid desiccant (liquid humidity control) air conditioner. The temperature and humidity of the contacted air are determined by the temperature and concentration of the liquid desiccant, provided that there is a mechanism to allow sufficient contact between the air and the liquid desiccant. Liquid Desiccant is characterized by its ability to provide powerful dehumidification and humidification through this simple operating principle. Dehumidification and humidification by liquid desiccant are superior to any other methods in terms of controllability, dehumidification capacity, energy saving, and cleanliness. (Awarded the Director-General's Prize of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry at the Demand Side Management Awards in 2021)


Continuum Corporation


In order to operate an air conditioner, electricity is required for the system that turns the fan and the system that operates the compressor. The installation of CONTINEWM(R) eliminates static electricity disturbances that interfere with the heat exchange of air conditioners and increases the heat exchange efficiency, thereby greatly reducing the operating time of compressors and significantly reducing power consumption.

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